Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is Tomorrow the next day?!?

I miss these words!!! I laughed many times about this comment from my 4 through 5 year old son. He is now 6 and this question has ceased to exist.

This entry is to wake up the one and only un-alienated reader of this blog.... Me... I sit here stressed, angry, work obsessed, and out of shape. So angry that instead of playing with my son I was working on a way to prove my point regarding a work issue of less importance...

Then came the reality check. I poked him in the side, in return I received "oh, you aren't on the phone Daddy? You have been on the phone all day..." this broke my heart. We almost instantly began a miniature snowball fight (not sure which craft these little white pop-pom's on the ottoman came from) but they definitely came in handy!! From there we goofed off and had a good time until his bed time.

I have always been a "work to live, don't live for work" guy but somehow recently got pulled in. I have been set straight!!!

Tomorrow truly is the next day!!! It will be awesome!!

I'm out...

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