Friday, December 4, 2009

Broken Record... 26 or 29 with 27inch inseam...

Damn I need to test ride a 29er. I am having serious bike envy out on the trails of late. The local Ontario Misfit Psycles bikes are constantly catching my eye. After Winter WOW I was talking to a guy that I finished along side and felt his bike. Even with the big wheels it came in 5 or more pounds lighter than my old rig. I would have to keep the old toy as a cottage bike as it has lasted me so well all these years.

On the other hand my buddy who owns a shop locally and sells Kona products thinks I should be looking at the new Explosif 2010 frame. He has fit me on bikes before and thinks it would be far fetched to put me on a 29er. Says there is no way to get the bars down low enough to allow me to get the proper control. I asked about the Unit as it has a nice price tag and he said they just wont fit everyone. If I want to be on one he would put me on it but it would not be ideal.

Both bikes look great. My budget constraints definitely keep me out of the running for the beautiful new dissent(fe) but I have seen many happy riders on the dissent(al) and that helps me to dispel the myth that Singlespeeds must be steel. I know a couple Singlespeeders that would not agree with this comment though.

My new bike account is running dry right now but hopefully this winter will allow me to scratch something together. Otherwise I will be contemplating well into next season. Contemplating is fun tho, the fun thing is once I choose a frame it will be time to start dreaming of parts to build the new toy up.

Anyone out there 5'6" with a 26.5" to 27" inseam riding 29er's? Or is my monkey body just built to ride a 26er ever-more?

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