Wednesday, July 17, 2013

24 Hours of Fun/Pain

What a great race, wow that hurt. I was not feeling 100% prepared going into this race but was excited to give tag team a try. My teammate and I took in some good advise prior that really helped us plan for a positive experience in tag team.
“Do double laps so you can recover, don’t race your teammate!”
Generally we are somewhat competitive so the second was going to be harder. I planned my food/water/fuel strategy according to the weather we had been having and decided on one water bottle for first 2 laps as it still felt a little cool but humid after the rain. This was my first mistake.
Lap one I felt great and did not reach for the bottle til I was part way through. Lap 2 I was dipping in alot and had emptied it before the half way point. I cramped due to hydration issue in the last 5k section but not bad enough to dismount. A friend mentioned that my chain looked a little loose and that I should add some tension between laps.
My teammate want out and I started playing with my 2ish hour eat/drink/rest/recoup plan. I think I was doing well at the one hour point of my plan when he came in with a broken pedal. I grabbed my bike and 1 bottle I had prepared and out I went. I had not drank enough between laps as I was trying not to flood myself. This lap I cramped up at the same point but not as bad and it cleared quicker. Then I dropped my chain, (remembering what friend said) luckily it wasn’t broken. Popped it back on and made mental note to repair at break (this time 2 hours).
My teammate’s bike was fixed and we got into our proper flow just a little bit beat up early on due to the missed rest.
I went out for my next 2 still not dealing well with water intake and cramped twice in each lap but still bearable to ride. Thankfully the cool of the night arrived with cool temps that took away on the bike cramps and I let myself slip into a manageable pace and take in the night. This worked for the next couple also and then came the morning heat. I had finally learned how to hydrate but had no strength left.
Last 2 laps I ended up walking hills and stopping for drinks as I was exhausted mentally and physically.
After I was done I realized we were in 3nd place and my teammate was out there to try to keep that. He had a great lap and then we changed war stories. (You could easily tag team with someone you don’t know as you never see them for more than a couple mins at a time).
All in all my teammate and I each did 10 laps for a 3rd place finish and looking back it was awesome! At the time it was stages of torture.
My teammate Mike http://riotonracing.com pretty much pulled me through this race. If I didn't know he wouldn't quit no matter what I may have. His lap times constantly amazed me!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Ride Fat Ass Ride, Fall Fat Ass Fall...

Maybe not quite rock bottom but I have flipped and landed close to that spot.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is Tomorrow the next day?!?

I miss these words!!! I laughed many times about this comment from my 4 through 5 year old son. He is now 6 and this question has ceased to exist.

This entry is to wake up the one and only un-alienated reader of this blog.... Me... I sit here stressed, angry, work obsessed, and out of shape. So angry that instead of playing with my son I was working on a way to prove my point regarding a work issue of less importance...

Then came the reality check. I poked him in the side, in return I received "oh, you aren't on the phone Daddy? You have been on the phone all day..." this broke my heart. We almost instantly began a miniature snowball fight (not sure which craft these little white pop-pom's on the ottoman came from) but they definitely came in handy!! From there we goofed off and had a good time until his bed time.

I have always been a "work to live, don't live for work" guy but somehow recently got pulled in. I have been set straight!!!

Tomorrow truly is the next day!!! It will be awesome!!

I'm out...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What are you?!? Crazy?!?

Today I showed up at the office as I always do, maybe I rode my bicycle a little slower. Maybe I took extra care around corners. I may have even worn a balaclava and goggles. I felt a little cold while putting out the garbage and recycling...

At the office I was confronted by many people. Some with red faces, white fingers, ears of many colours. Many of these people with icicle covered hair. I heard many things.

"You are crazy cycling in this", "my car didn't even heat up by the time I got to work", "my face froze on the way from the parking lot", etc....

Well, this was my morning. I woke up,  ate breakfast, packed my lunch. From there I did 2 of my 3 S's of morning and brushed my teeth (basic morning rituals). I threw my work clothes in my backpack and dressed for the commute. I added an extra pair of tights and switched from glasses to goggles.

After putting out the garbage, recycling, etc... I hopped on the CX bike and rode to work (Typical Tuesday).  I was aware of my surroundings, took care to stay in the unploughed bike lanes,etc... 

Long story short, not only was I warm my whole ride, I got to have a hot shower on arrival. lost my train of thought... I'm out...

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