Monday, July 11, 2016

Get Pie with a little help for your friends!!

Saturday was so much fun! I picked up a FB comment a few days back from Steve S regarding a 200KM ride. I had never done anything of this distance before! We went out and rode point to point 50-70K at a time to stop for Pie and other goodies (ride was nicknamed the Pie-Athlon by coordinator Steve). The company was stellar and the riding was amazing. 

I loved the rain when it came but that didn't seem to be the thoughts of the group. Had it been hot and dry I would likely have been crumbled on the side of the road like the crust of the French Rhubarb Pie. What a great group of riders also including a long time friend Riot...

Anyways after this long without posting I should cut this short..

For now I'm out... 

Friday, May 20, 2016

How Dare They!!!

As I rode in this morning on the multi-use trails I came up behind 2 walkers. They were walking in this crazy 2 abreast pattern and were not paying any attention to those around them. It almost looked as if they were talking to each other and enjoying the wonderful morning. How Dare they!! Did they not know i would have to slow my bicycle and go around them. Did they not know i slept in and had a morning meeting I had to be at work for? Bah, how inconsiderate these slow moving creatures were on the trail. I think we need to mandate single file walking on the multi-use trails. This type of activity needs to stop.

Odd the things that come to your mind on morning rides some times. I am of course being absurd and thought of how complaints come regularly about us being on the road in the first place. And of course the absolutely horrid thought of us ever being 2 abreast.

Fake rant over :)

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