Friday, May 20, 2016

How Dare They!!!

As I rode in this morning on the multi-use trails I came up behind 2 walkers. They were walking in this crazy 2 abreast pattern and were not paying any attention to those around them. It almost looked as if they were talking to each other and enjoying the wonderful morning. How Dare they!! Did they not know i would have to slow my bicycle and go around them. Did they not know i slept in and had a morning meeting I had to be at work for? Bah, how inconsiderate these slow moving creatures were on the trail. I think we need to mandate single file walking on the multi-use trails. This type of activity needs to stop.

Odd the things that come to your mind on morning rides some times. I am of course being absurd and thought of how complaints come regularly about us being on the road in the first place. And of course the absolutely horrid thought of us ever being 2 abreast.

Fake rant over :)


  1. Hey Mike,
    What will they think of next. Stoping on the trail to observe wildlife!
    Last I checked, bike trails were public. There may even be a sign that says something to that effect.
    It is so easy to get caught up in our own little world. And sometimes we need to stop and spell the flowers.
    Real comment over:)
    Great post Mike!

    1. In case it was lost in translation I thought it was great to see people out enjoying the trails. I was just comparing the faster moving traffic theory that is pushed on us from some drivers quite often....

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