Friday, May 20, 2016

How Dare They!!!

As I rode in this morning on the multi-use trails I came up behind 2 walkers. They were walking in this crazy 2 abreast pattern and were not paying any attention to those around them. It almost looked as if they were talking to each other and enjoying the wonderful morning. How Dare they!! Did they not know i would have to slow my bicycle and go around them. Did they not know i slept in and had a morning meeting I had to be at work for? Bah, how inconsiderate these slow moving creatures were on the trail. I think we need to mandate single file walking on the multi-use trails. This type of activity needs to stop.

Odd the things that come to your mind on morning rides some times. I am of course being absurd and thought of how complaints come regularly about us being on the road in the first place. And of course the absolutely horrid thought of us ever being 2 abreast.

Fake rant over :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not Dead Yet....

The after effect.... er, the new plan, er er er....

But back to the story before the story... Saturday had an amazing forecast of rain, rain, and more rain starting around noon.... So Friday night I txted Jay about an early morning ride... He was all in with his #newbikeday being only a couple weeks old and still no trail dirt on her. 

His face when we arrived to the trailhead was all like, damn, they are plowing the trails? Actually no that's just the local dump in the background. He was really saying why did we stop? What's with the photo op?

Back to the beginning, all excited for a ride I had the toy inside and ready to ride to the trail, ride the trail, and then ride home, best laid plans... 

aaand back to the trailhead, after a successful ride out it was time for a couple pics and a start to the ride....

In no particular order we commenced to enjoy all that had to offer, Apparently from a far this trail sends you directly into a tree....

In truth this trail is the better angle of my end of pedaling time.. Unfortunately on the last 3 switchbacks I heard odd noises... I decided that my rough rear wheel with multi'spoke issues had finally given out on me. Turns out it was something different. 

Did I mention it's been a long time since I rode with a camelback? Of course not, that wasn't important until now. Well on this day I decided to try out a camelback I had won as a draw prize att he Spring 8 hour. I transferred old tools, old tubes and discarded an old chainring I have never used...... 

Had a great time riding downhills without touching brakes on the way out and push,pull and dragging the rest of the way...

Back to the beginning, Have not yet installed the round chainring in favour of waiting for the new oval ring to arrive or at least be ordered so back to the "new" 1985 road bike for some more fun...

lost the Train of thought so...

I'm out... 


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's been a long time since I left you without a dope beat to step to.....

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years....

Either way I fell off and it's time to come back. Today's lunch ride was amazing. I was chasing 1 to 2 ghost riders from years gone by. However unsuccessful I was, I was out there again. Slower tomorrow!!!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thanks for the motivator!!

As the only long time reader of this blog I am glad it will not be stagnant for a while at least. What prompted this you ask? (you are me right??)?  A free bike contest, although it all just started because we all want #newbikeday to happen more often
it has rekindled a certain part of me who enjoys playing with the gopro camera and the Gimp. Gimp fun as illustrated in this pic of @morenamesthancanbementionedinoneblogentry...
I have ridden multiple bikes (not really any different from normal) taken alternate routes through my town (also not new) and enjoyed the ride (pattern here??). 

The thing I had lost was thinking about the ride both while on the ride and post ride with the same conviction. Finding that point in the ride that made my smile grow biggest and review it to show it to whoever was interested (me). This became evident this morning while stopped on a multi-use trail through Lakeside park watching a family of Ducks cross my path. Unfortunately the GoPro had run out of disk space and I was unable to show the picture.

After realising this I looked at the past few days... They seem to look alot like back when I started this blog, found the awesome folk at #bikeschool, and rekindled a few other times for other fun reasons.

Not that I still don't want a #newbikeday just that it has already helped!! Thanks Kitchener for putting on this contest!! 

Excerpts of awesome as according to me... 

Anyway I have blabbed on for long enough... I'm out... 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Cheer Face, And why it is Amazing!!

Michael Jordan is known for his tongue hanging out of his mouth while being at the top of his game.

Facial expressions are an amazing part of Sport!

Olympic Skaters make crazy awesome faces while doing amazing things that are difficult and sometimes painful.

This happens in way too many sports to mention here.

                                                           The Cheer Face
                                 (My Daughter is my Favourite Cheerleader!!!)

An expression created by blocking pain when one of their best friends just made their shoulder feel more pain than she can remember but she strives on. An expression made when they finaly hit that stunt that they couldn't come close to in practice. An expression made when they feel that close to completing a perfect run. An expression made when they are so nervous that a fake smile wont cut it.

The Judges have seen this 10,000+ times. This sport is about pushing yourself further than your body is capable of. On competition days these incredible athletes hit the floor and it just works. I encourage these amazing Athletes to leave it all on the floor, and Show Their Cheer Faces!!!

If everything they are feeling can be channeled into a Happy Cheer Face I think that is just Amazing!!
But I am just one Dad.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This used to be awesome!!

Someone asked me a question on twitter today and I went back to the archives to find a certain entry I wrote about layering. Upon searching I ran into this one , I have in many ways realized that this past year I have been a failure!! I spent more time at the office. I have accepted more call-backs. I have spent a load of time on-call. The worst thing I have done is not talking to the boss and giving the work for life not live for work speech. I spent this last year overstressed under funn'ed (not a word) and angry. It has affected the ones I love and at the end of the day I made a little more money...

I think it's time to go back to my old ways and enjoy life. These past 2 weeks were amazing!! I spent time with my family without thinking about work!!

Then I went back to work with more of what I used to/should be. 

It's going to take a little time for me to get back into shape, but hopefully before that I can fix the things I truly screwed up and and start to be that guy I used to be!!

for now I'm out!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

24 Hours of Fun/Pain

What a great race, wow that hurt. I was not feeling 100% prepared going into this race but was excited to give tag team a try. My teammate and I took in some good advise prior that really helped us plan for a positive experience in tag team.
“Do double laps so you can recover, don’t race your teammate!”
Generally we are somewhat competitive so the second was going to be harder. I planned my food/water/fuel strategy according to the weather we had been having and decided on one water bottle for first 2 laps as it still felt a little cool but humid after the rain. This was my first mistake.
Lap one I felt great and did not reach for the bottle til I was part way through. Lap 2 I was dipping in alot and had emptied it before the half way point. I cramped due to hydration issue in the last 5k section but not bad enough to dismount. A friend mentioned that my chain looked a little loose and that I should add some tension between laps.
My teammate want out and I started playing with my 2ish hour eat/drink/rest/recoup plan. I think I was doing well at the one hour point of my plan when he came in with a broken pedal. I grabbed my bike and 1 bottle I had prepared and out I went. I had not drank enough between laps as I was trying not to flood myself. This lap I cramped up at the same point but not as bad and it cleared quicker. Then I dropped my chain, (remembering what friend said) luckily it wasn’t broken. Popped it back on and made mental note to repair at break (this time 2 hours).
My teammate’s bike was fixed and we got into our proper flow just a little bit beat up early on due to the missed rest.
I went out for my next 2 still not dealing well with water intake and cramped twice in each lap but still bearable to ride. Thankfully the cool of the night arrived with cool temps that took away on the bike cramps and I let myself slip into a manageable pace and take in the night. This worked for the next couple also and then came the morning heat. I had finally learned how to hydrate but had no strength left.
Last 2 laps I ended up walking hills and stopping for drinks as I was exhausted mentally and physically.
After I was done I realized we were in 3nd place and my teammate was out there to try to keep that. He had a great lap and then we changed war stories. (You could easily tag team with someone you don’t know as you never see them for more than a couple mins at a time).
All in all my teammate and I each did 10 laps for a 3rd place finish and looking back it was awesome! At the time it was stages of torture.
My teammate Mike http://riotonracing.com pretty much pulled me through this race. If I didn't know he wouldn't quit no matter what I may have. His lap times constantly amazed me!!

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