Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Groucho Guest Blog Entry

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Time for "Running Shoes"??

I have mentioned a couple times in tweets and Dailymile comments but was probably not taken seriously. Kind of my fault, the persona I put out out there online and in general often makes people think I am always aloof but down to the story.

I guess as a child I had "running shoes" that is what they called pretty much all shoes except the ones I wore to church. Now they would be tennis shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes, etc... Any way put they were not designed for running. I was always faster the day I got new ones though. My Dad always knew it.

Four years ago I decided to take up running. Mainly just to try to get in shape so I could keep up with my 5 year old daughter and infant son. I grabbed an old pair of elastic top sketchers out of the closet. I ran in these shoes until they were so worn out the heelcup was actually cutting my heel. I then grabbed an old pair of discount sk8 shoes out of the closet. My wife had picked them up on sale for bumming around at the cottage. I am still using them as my main "running shoe" but they are almost dead. I think they will last until the end of the winter.
Last year I went for a lunch hour ride in a pair of my cheap $2 old navy oldschool tennis shoes and after blowing a flat ran back the 6 and change KM to work in them. I so expected pain but it did not come. In my world of running I guess these are minimalist running shoes.
yeah I know reused image...
In all as much as I am a "runner" these are all "running shoes". I am enjoying running more lately but think that it will get shadowed over when real cycling season kicks back in. I need a pair of "running shoes" and think if I am planning on doing any longer runs than my current 5 and 7KM lunch hour runs I may want something designed for the job.

There are so many styles etc.. out there. Plus minimalist shoes. What do I need to know before snagging a pair?

This is where I hope I can drag in a few runners to my cycling blog and help a guy out. Thanks in advance... I'm out...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am not a cameraman (video fail)

Well on the way home today I decided that with white roads and almost no traffic or people outside for that matter it was the perfect day. The snow had slowed and the sun was peaking out. How can I capture this moment? Also has a video contest going on. I could enter the great day in there.

After riding most of the way home and entering my subdivision I decide to stop and rig my Blackberry up as a video camera and somehow strap it to myself. I figured out how to hook it to my zipper. Yeah don't do that the zipper flops around like crazy. Unfortunately on top of that the audio did not record properly.

I said something to the affect of "Hey, Darryl you wont find anything as sweet as this" -- well maybe I will try again tomorrow :)

The rest of the ride home was sweet but the people free portion was over. Lots of people were out cleaning snow etc. Anyway the winter riding has been amazing and the Big Blizzard of 2011 that wasn't dropped enough of the white stuff for a load of fun.

Get out there and ride!! Fun times if you do.. I'm out...

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