Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am not a cameraman (video fail)

Well on the way home today I decided that with white roads and almost no traffic or people outside for that matter it was the perfect day. The snow had slowed and the sun was peaking out. How can I capture this moment? Also has a video contest going on. I could enter the great day in there.

After riding most of the way home and entering my subdivision I decide to stop and rig my Blackberry up as a video camera and somehow strap it to myself. I figured out how to hook it to my zipper. Yeah don't do that the zipper flops around like crazy. Unfortunately on top of that the audio did not record properly.

I said something to the affect of "Hey, Darryl you wont find anything as sweet as this" -- well maybe I will try again tomorrow :)

The rest of the ride home was sweet but the people free portion was over. Lots of people were out cleaning snow etc. Anyway the winter riding has been amazing and the Big Blizzard of 2011 that wasn't dropped enough of the white stuff for a load of fun.

Get out there and ride!! Fun times if you do.. I'm out...


  1. Fantastic....I'm so impressed. I think you rock for getting out there on your bike on a day like that...and I think you're even cooler for thinking of me and doing the video for the contest.

    You amaze me on all levels, my friend.

  2. Nice. But a little crazy.

  3. The ride looked like a lot of fun! The camera work, almost made me seasick. :P (I'm not saying I could do better by ANY stretch of the imagination!)


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