Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where have I been....

Well, to my loyal me (my known readership) it has been a while since I have made a post. A new year happened. There was plenty of nothingness. #bikeschool grew to a new level of bigness. I grew to a new level of largeness also (seasonal engorgement). Running and riding did happen. And then #funwig happened. #secretevolplan 's now have a possibility to extend outside the circle of friends. 

A fun project was born @bikerly thought up a master plan of rating twitter avatars. I built, modifies released and re-modified avirater...
Other than the coding there has been plenty of winter. With winter comes winter riding and running. I love the slip and slide and the deep snow running. It is just something of greatness to feel the winter attempt to beat us as we push forward.

I love this picture of the winter bike with it's faux deep V wheels. Sitting against the hospital after a ride in, over 8 inches of snow everywhere but where the photo was snapped.
And then this weekend we had a trip south to Indianapolis for my daughters cheer competition. We ate greasy heavy American food,

We celebrated a time that has gone by,

We cheered hardcore!!
And beyond all expectations we won national championships in a nation we were visiting...

The last while has been full of great times and craziness. I hope you have also experienced greatness in the early days of 2011 and that they continue through the year!!

Once again, I'm out....

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  1. I wondered where you have been. I stopped by a few times to water the plants and bring the newspaper in.


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