Saturday, December 29, 2012

Required fixes...

I sit here weighing well over what I should, the mirror and scale currently not my friend. Amazing how quickly this can occur.

This year I have ridden more KM's than I ever have before. I have landed on podiums unlike other seasons. I have generally ridden faster and further than ever before. I have also cut corners in many ways.

There is a new 1'st floor shower at the office where I used to climb to the 9th. I convinced myself that the further ride in allowed me the laziness of skipping the stair climb. I have eaten more white starch this year. I also gave up office boxing classes as they were cancelled for many months then resumed at 7:15am vs the previous lunch hour classes. I chose the 20K ride in instead of the boxing. 

Today I sit here in core/back pain after playing x-box kinect boxing with the kids for the past couple days. There was also some snow shovelling but these things should not be making me feel this way. I am faster than the past few years at hockey but there is more huffing/puffing on the bench.

All in all I think I may have not allowed proper recoup time in the past but the training was better. This upcoming year I hope to increase the 9th floor showers back to 3 days a week (vs previous 5). After a 2 week holiday I do get the luxury of creating a new schedule.

All in all my last 8 hour race was amazing and I was able to keep my head straight and land in 3rd place which is my best Solo SS finish yet. I also was able to finish 3rd in my last CX masters race of the year even with a ridiculous slow start and a silly bail.

I guess the point of this post is kind of cliche, but my NY Resolution is to push myself to get back into race shape. Hoping that I can ride as fast/faster in "race shape" than i can in pear shape...

All for now, I'm out.... 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Not gone, just quiet

I have been doing a little blogging on a new blog lately and leaving this one quiet. As it is CX season I have been working with others in the area to start up a practice night. I am new at this sport and this little initiative over at KWCX Blog has brought out some more experienced riders to learn from. Follow our fun over there during the quiet time here. 

I do however have my last 8 hour SSMTB race of the season next weekend and will likely post a post race report here. Wait for it...

I'm out... 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sometime I ride slow Sometimes I ride quick.....

Sometimes I ride slow sometimes I ride quick
I'm sweeter and thicker than a chico stick
Here's an ice cream cone honey take a lick
I go to Bay Plaza and mash sum shit!
Wore my Sidi shoes so I can stomp sum clips
Scandalous get a wiff of this mist
Just like the Yar Boys now I'm blissed
I feel good per say good state of mind
Ride a Red Kona and I makes it mine
I love it when I ride my line!
Go to Tavern on the Green have a glass of wine
He say, she say I heard it through the grapevine
No static, got a SS kinda like an automatic
Too much of anything makes you an addict
Smooth B Greg Nice Slick Nick click
Sometimes I ride slow sometimes I ride quick...
Sometimes I ride slow sometimes I ride quick
I was on 125 and Saint Nick
Waiting on a cab, standing in the rain
Screw it all ride my bike no pain
She got the best of me
What was her destiny?
Maybe she should ride to her destiny...
My mind is in a blur
Cause you could never pay me to think this would occur
Me and this girl Jane Doe was living together
We were inseparable, noone could sever
At least that's what I thought
But later I fought with her cassette
And almost ended up in the next heat
When I was on the road racing shit getting wins
She was on my ride getting cranky with her friends
And even when she crashed my whip I didn't flip
My man Slick Nick said Smooth you're starting to slip
Time went on I started noticing weight loss
Then I had to ask her was she riding the bike more
At first she said no, then she said yo Smooth I'm sorry
But I keep having to ride mo!!!
I need speed!!
And I said woah little hottie
I'm not Trek, Kona or Specalized
I don't ride , and furthermore you're making me broke
I'll send you to training and I won't tell your folks
And what do you know
In 18 months she came home and I let her back in
And now riding faster again... and again.... and again...

Monday, June 25, 2012

A week of challenges, food and fun...

Started to post this last week and got caught up in life and it was left with only photos and a title... The last couple weeks saw a couple of new challenges for me. Challenge one was highlighted in my last post (Mi first road century). It wag good times but already talked about at end so on I move.

Saw an acquaintance's FB profile pic of a ridiculous burger contest in town and wanted to try it. Thursday (week before last) my wife asked if I wanted to go there for dinner. The guy in who tried it and posted to FB had failed to finish the beast BTW.

 So we went over to Mel's Diner and I toyed with the idea of the challenge. A 3 pound burger with all the trimmings on what seems to be a loaf of bread (I generally don't eat bread or buns on my burgers except after a long ride/race. I went to town on the burger and in just under the allotted hour it was complete. I was not the owner of a big t-shirt that tells me I can eat a whole lot of food... All in all good times and no requirement of food for a couple days...
Next was Tour de Creemore, a ride I was doing with a friend who is training for LeTape Du Tour stage 11 - Albertville. The 100km would have been my longest ever road ride had I not decided to do Tour de Grand on a whim the Sunday before. It did however have a challenge built into it. Scenic Caves road up the Blue Mountain was like nothing I have climbed before. Like most things in life and cycling though it only hurt until 5 minutes after it was over.
It was a great ride and a beautiful day on the bike. Hard to believe his coach had him ride 78km to the start line of the ride and then an additional 2 hour ride later in the day.Good luck in France Willie!!

That's it for now... I'm out...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Last minute ride - Tour de Grande

Saturday evening I was sitting on the couch with the laptop trying to decide what was on the schedule for Sunday. More just comfy on the couch with TV and laptop. I remembered Pat at Brauns Bicycles had told me I should do Tour de Grande as a good weekend ride. "Sunday is supposed to be an awesome day". I opened the page and read the info and that was it. I shall ride.
 The odd story here is my little-no road riding experience. I have pedalled bikes on pavement yes, but never ridden in a proper group road ride with all of the intricacies. I just installed slick tires on my CX bike on Thursday so this was a good way to test them out. The closest I have done is the Paris to Ancaster race twice. I know little about pulling or riding in a group who are pulling you. I am just amazed at how a strong guy can bridge the gap between groups and all you have to do is get in behind (oh and take your turn every so often too).

I was lucky to ride with an awesome group of strong riders who helped me ride faster than I would have expected I could. There was an unfortunate bail around 50K though that got in my head. The guy beside me wiped out on a water bottle and a nasty chain reaction from there. A few of us stopped until we knew things were under control. We then started back up not thinking we would find the pack again. Someone then took the lead and pulled us back up. I was amazed that this was possible. Later in the ride I found myself falling off the back of the group and was perplexed by how difficult it was to just make up a couple bike lengths afterwards. I fought back on and made sure not to do that again. In the end I was happy with the time on my cyclocomputer of 4:28:05 for my first century. The Blackberry GPS is slightly off this time and I am ok with that too :-). What a great day on the bike!!

I could ramble on all day but that's all for now... I'm out...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Modifications required

Even after an above average (non competing) week of riding and little running I am up a couple pounds. Looks like it's time to focus on this engine's input. Maybe putting it out there will help me gain focus again. I have slacked on some of the "I don't eat that any more" type commitments and I feel heavy and bloated. Probably would not hurt to jump back into a better regiment of weight and core training. Boxing is great but availability is not there through spring and summer in usual timeslot. Guess coach takes some time for himself sometimes too...

Well that is all for now, I'm out...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Planning a Lunch Ride...

Yesterday I knew I wanted to go for a ride on lunch. I just felt like a ride and not a run as it seems has been my choice most days lately. I was not sure which loop I wanted to do. I decided that I wanted to do this loop based on just a feel for a "road ride".

I had ridden in on a mix of road, gravel trail, and very little singletrack on the Cross bike. This gave me the options of pretty much riding any surface on lunch but I just wanted to push out on the road. The ride was good but I just wanted to go further. I want to plan a longer ride today but with fixed length lunches I am not sure it is a good idea. Paul was able to do a decent job of keeping a strong pace on his Fixie but noted some leg stress on certain sections of the ride.This had me spinning slowly (recovering) and waiting up a bit. I think it's time to convince him to get a CX or Road bike for longer faster lunch loops. I think today I will stretch it out a couple KM's but keep it within the 1 hour including prep and shower time...

Anyway babbling on about nothing... I'm out...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Morning Commute

Not really related to this mornings commute but last evening we snuck photos of some little birds through the deck board cracks.
Today on my morning commute I was able to enjoy riding this. But first I had to climb this!!
And then I climbed it once more just for good measure ;-)

Good times... I'm out...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great rides and Lunch rides

Well it's that time of year again. Later than usual due to my new Cyclocross bike early season purchase but it came. Mountainbike season!!! Again I have been looking at new toys and new frames and salivating over what's out there. Again I dug my bike out and wow!! I love it when you grab a bike you have not ridden in a while and it's like New bike Day all over again. Of course there is still a part of me that wants upgrades that require dollars that I already spent on other things.

Anyways went out for my season opener ride on Sunday at the Hydrocut  with Paul and Mike and his crew and had a blast, a segment of Adams run was reworked and between that and riding with guys above my technical calibur I rode some things I have previously shied away from. In hindsight not sure what the big deal was. Unfortunately late in the ride I trash talked Mike and the cycling Karma got me back with a brown tube. Lesson learned... Anyway a snipit is above.

I have had 2 lunch hour MTB rides since and both have been great. Today I stopped and snapped a couple pix. Enjoy the light reading portion of the post.
The Beast
Looking Half Dead Pre-Ride (Too much white too??)

Trails 2K from house
Trailside lake/pond
Trillium season

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I need your help please!! (Photo Contest)

My wife has entered a photo of my 10 year old daughter when she was 5 in a Facebook Photo contest. The other girl is 1/2 owner of the gym as well as a coach for Team Canada Cheerleading showing interest in the future of the sport. The contest is being run by Cheer Sport Sharks cheerleading gym in Cambridge Ontario. The prize is a basket of LoloBo Cheer Bows (the bows these girls wear in their hair for practices and competitions) They are blingy pretty things that she just loves. When it comes down to it the contest now has two leaders that are having a fun little social media "battle" to see who can win. I think it is our competitive nature that is the actual drive for and the bows will be a fun extra to make my daughter smile. Anyway we can use your help and anyone else's help you can send over here or directly to the photo to like it. We are currently in 1st place but only by about 5 likes.

The contest ends May 1st and I will then leave you all alone ;-P

Please click on the photo and it will take you to the actual Facebook photo where I hope you will help us out and add a like.

And to keep this semi cyclingish here is a video from todays lunch ride... Thanks again!! I'm out...

Dreams and Reality?!?

Well last night we decided to have panzo's for dinner. For some reason these beasts make you have crazy dreams. Apparently my wife had a dream about cows and sheep jumping from telephone poles.
For some reason I woke this morning with a stiff and sore back. I think one of her telephone pole cow's must have jumped out of her dream and landed on me. Or maybe it's just after cycling pains, or an awkward sleep position ;-P

I'm out...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tri-Hawk vs Cycling Cap?!?

Confusion.. I need some help here... Rock the tri-hawk after a ride/race or look all hardcore in a MisfitPsycles cycling cap of maybe production??

I may need to start riding MisfitPsycles bicycles first... And maybe ditch the technicolor kit..

This sad Pug thinks I should get a Misfit...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Backpack Guy Goes to Work

Just playing around with the the go-pro and set it to rear view this morning. I already know where I'm going. Where have I been... Apparently the backpack is the only consistent part of whats behind me....

That's all for now... I'm out...

Friday, April 20, 2012

The KOM that didn't happen...

I signed up for STRAVA yesterday and input both of my rides on my CX toy. I played with the segments tool and created 2 segments out of one of my morning commutes and one out of my lunch commute. There is a decent amount of bike traffic along the route so I figured there could be other users. who rode there. I was amazed that my opening 2km climb was being done in over 1 minute faster than I usually do it. I thought about this all day yesterday. I must beat it. I must get faster.

This morning I got up and decided I would beat it. I was not feeling overly energetic or anything I just wanted to beat the KOM. What have I gotten myself into here?? I have always tried to beat my personal best but now I will be battling myself and others?? Anyways I gave a valiant effort and rode the climb much better than I ever do but still missed by 10 seconds... I will earn this KOM, I just hope no-one else posts a even harder target before I do...

I'm out...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bike Porn and Upgrade Fever

If you have been here before you know I have a thing for Singlespeed mountain bikes in many forms. I am a huge fan of each and every bike I own but there has been this continuous saga over the past few years. I have wanted a MisfitPsycles bike. The first singlespeed bike I saw was at my first MTB race (8 hour tag team). I like many others thought "wow that's crazy" and set it aside. Later in that race I saw a young (I believe 14 year old) pull his all matte black MisfitPsycles up on to the podium with him. It was amazing! This kid had done amazing things beating his geared counterparts on this "alternative looking" bike.

A little later I was talking to my buddy who owned The Epic Ride bike shop in Orangeville and he said he was racing in the Singlespeed category and that I should give it a try. He knew I had an old Nishiki I had purchased years back at a shop he used to work at as head mechanic. I took it in and a couple of his employees chuckled at it before he built it up. I had a blast on that bike and continue to love riding it now as my cottage bike. It was during another 8 hour race that I ran into an extremely down to earth MisfitPsycles rider who I seemed to run into most of my laps as he opted to hike the top of the hill climb and I would squeak by on my old Nishiki. After the race he hopped on the SS Solo podium and I made a comment of amazement. At a 24 hour race later that year I ran into this same individual in the beer tent the evening preceding and he was all excited about a new product. I had no idea that it was actually the owner of MisfitPsycles Peter that I had been chatting with last time. Easy going down to earth guy.The next year it was time to upgrade to a new bike. I blogged a whole lot about 26 or 29 and Kona or Misfit. In the end I went with Kona based on price alone (I was able to work a good deal through my friend). I would be lying if I said I don't love my Kona Unit but after racing/riding with others and more and more exposure to the MisfitPsycles bikes I have not been able to get rid of the lust for one of these machines. Recently Peter build a belt capable version in White and it just looks about perfect to me. I think a build in white with a Misfit black rigid fork would put me right where I want to be. Somewhat unfortunately for me this year is not my MTB upgrade year due to my recent purchase of a Cyclocross bike of awesomeness. This is where you all come in. You can pull a Jerry Maguire here and "Help you help me!!". If you exercise your upgrade fever and buy yourself the frame of my dreams this week you may just be helping me in my quest to become more belt driven... Please if you decide to head on over and pick-up a ALC-B make a comment of 'egggman told me to do it' and I may be awarded some form of awesomeness up to and possibly including the frame itself...

A plea to all shoppers, thanks for listening. While you are at it maybe follow @misfitpsycles and @psyclestore on twitter and see if maybe you want to learn more about these amazing bikes. If you are looking for some good entertaining blogging follow Peter's blog as well.

In case you are like me and just skim images and bright colored text then you will get all these details much quicker. Anyway I'm out...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turn that damn thing off!!!

Have you ever ridden with a helmet cam? Do you think about it on the ride or just kind of forget it is there? Sometimes even walk around the house/office/etc with it running even after the ride?
Well anyway that's where this picture comes from. Got home from my ride yesterday afternoon and my wife was in the washroom but wanted to tell me something and opened the door. Not sure what she wanted to tell me because as soon as she saw the red light flashing on the helmet cam she screamed "Turn that damn thing off!!" and there was some fumbling and it was off.

A little work with avidemux and the gimp and I snagged this photo and covered up what needed to be covered. Good times!! Anyway it was a successful and fun #30daysofbiking ride yesterday and I have completed one of my rides for today, I will be heading out for a lunch ride immanently so I am cutting this off here...
I'm out...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cyclocross at the Bike Park

Paul and I decided to do some gravel hill repeats around the bike park today on lunch. I took the CX toy and Paul took his MTB. Once there I decided to drop in for fun. It was fun but I did not let myself go wild and grab much air...

Just another short one...

I'm out.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cycling Strippers

Are you that guy? The guy who used to wake up Sunday mornings and steal the comics and the sports section out of Dad's newspaper? The guy you doodled sports comics instead of paying attention in class? The guy who would generally rather take part in sports than watch them on TV or read long winded articles about others taking part in the sports you love? The guy who needs an extra chuckle about something non work related to break up the day?

You are probably not that guy, because that guy is me. For years I have followed many online comic strips haphazardly. Many times just seeing the really funny ones someone else has sent my way that somehow encompassed things I do, ie this one which I have hanging from the office door.
I generally use my self diagnosed ADHD to get super drawn into these comics for all of like 3 days and then let them fade into the wind until for some odd reason I decide to look again.

Then one day I read a tweet by @cyclelicious about some obscure bicycle shop talk. At that point I was working on my first year of cycle commuting to work. I was feeling very self righteous and I thought I was free and everybody should follow in my footsteps. In came the most perfect comic strip character I had ever seen.I was hooked. I have continued to follow this character and his friends ever since. Eventually I found that I agree with Joe the odd time more than Yehuda but I guess this is to be expected as I have a little bit of a competitive streak. I am starting to ramble here.

Anyway eventually I was able to get my hands on the 4 book set of the Yehuda Moon chronicles and there was just that something about the smell of fresh comic ink on paper that made reading the strip (much of it a second or third time) even more entertaining. Snag a copy for yourself, you wont be upset that you did. Also if you want to keep up with the all new adventures of Yehuda and Joe head over and subscribe to the daily strip on believe my #bikeschool co-hort was giving away a set of the Yehuda books too if you act fast. Anyway... I'm out...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shadows of a Ride

Way too much fun playing with the shadows of this morning ride. Not much to say but here are some pix that say it was a beautiful day... enjoy!!

I'm out...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lunch Rides and Video Editing

A great lunch hour on the bike yesterday on a new loop I will be riding much more often I believe. Took the CX bike out and tailed Paul the whole way as this has been his regular spring quick loop.

Think I may ride this loop a few times next week. After the ride I nerded out with video editing tools and made a fun fast version of the ride set to a friends homebrew music.

I'm out...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Summer

After spending the first 4 days of this beautifully ridiculous March weather locked in the house with the flu I finally got out today. And guess what I saw? Smiling happy people on bicycles...

Good times!! That's it for now... I'm out...

Friday, March 16, 2012

The not Singlespeed Bike

Picked it up last night. The new toy of fun times. It's a New To Me 2009 Kona Major Jake with some alterations made. Rode it for the first time this morning and what a blast. It will take me a while to get used to the SRASM Doubletap let alone changing gears at all but all seemed well on the first ride. I will be heading out for ride 2 in approx an hour. This thing should beat me into shape this spring...

Here I am arriving at work this am. I just started using Endomondo again yesterday. look me up if you wish.

Here is a snippit of me enjoying the new toy. #newbikeday

Good times!! I'm out...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amazing Febuary Trail Ride!!!

A perfect day, Sun shining and -1 C. I do love a real winter but this spring-like winter has left amazing rideable trails with just a little ice to contend with. Is it wrong that I want to skip out on the rest of the day and just go ride more???

Good time's!! I'm out!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Answers --- to LovingTheRun post....

  1. My back is sore when I wake up in the morning. -- (ended around 36)
  2. I’m starting to see wrinkles around my eyes. -- (I look smarter now, and or age has made me look more sophisticated)
  3. The strands of gray I see remind me to make an appointment at the hair salon. -- (If I wear a hat they cant tell I'm balding)
  4. My friends are getting Botox (and I’m intrigued?). -- (My lines are my lines, there are storries behind each)
  5. My mom and grandmother are aging (which means I will too). -- (yup we will all age and pay taxes...)
  6. I should have started running in my early 20s. -- (meh, you are enjoying it now, why look back?!?)
  7. I should have started using eye cream in my early 20s. -- (bah - see #2)
  8. No matter how tempted, I should never set foot in a Forever 21 clothing store. -- (I enjoy shopping in the kids section -- tax free)
  9. I hate the fact that many of the American Idol contestants are half my age. -- (American What?!? Much better entertainment available...)
  10. I often look in the mirror and see my mother staring back. -- (Every time I see my father I pull out the razor and reshape my facial hair)
  11. I often look in the mirror and see an outfit that only a ‘mom-in-her-30s’ would wear…and I still think it looks good. -- ( I look good, better than many boys in their 20's)
  12. You don’t have to wear a string bikini to look good in the summer. Those hip hugger briefs work really well on “I-gave-birth-to-two-children” hips. -- ( Good on ya!!! There is no answer us guys can give to this)
  13. The number of hours I need to sleep at night has increased since turning 30. -- ( Iam still not a sleeper)
  14. It’s still sometimes a shock to realize I am in the [30-39] bracket on most documents. ( I will be in the 40+ section so so soon...)
  15. Being at the young end of that age bracket is of benefit when racing against women in their late 30s. -- (Look again... Late 30's kick butt... and when moving into the 40's cat it only gets faster/harder)
  16. In my 20s, I thought I had all the answers. In my 30s, I know I have all the answers…and I’m not afraid to tell you. :) -- (I know I know less while I know more... Less to prove)
  17. I should have started an IRA in my early 20s. -- (N/A)
  18. I don’t mind going out on a Friday night…as long as I’m home and in bed by 10pm. -- (Bah!!)
  19. I have friends who were BORN in the mid-to-late 80s. (They even have a book…George Orwell’s ‘1984’). -- (I call those people young)
  20. In my 20s, I threw everything away, ate a lot of fast food and left the water on as I brushed my teeth. In my 30s, I recycle, eat organic and am very conscious of my water usage. -- (Organic = of the earth... please find me something that does not fit in this category on the earth)

This post is an answer post to ---->

All in fun!! Add your own thoughts here, there, or linked on your own blog!!

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