Saturday, December 29, 2012

Required fixes...

I sit here weighing well over what I should, the mirror and scale currently not my friend. Amazing how quickly this can occur.

This year I have ridden more KM's than I ever have before. I have landed on podiums unlike other seasons. I have generally ridden faster and further than ever before. I have also cut corners in many ways.

There is a new 1'st floor shower at the office where I used to climb to the 9th. I convinced myself that the further ride in allowed me the laziness of skipping the stair climb. I have eaten more white starch this year. I also gave up office boxing classes as they were cancelled for many months then resumed at 7:15am vs the previous lunch hour classes. I chose the 20K ride in instead of the boxing. 

Today I sit here in core/back pain after playing x-box kinect boxing with the kids for the past couple days. There was also some snow shovelling but these things should not be making me feel this way. I am faster than the past few years at hockey but there is more huffing/puffing on the bench.

All in all I think I may have not allowed proper recoup time in the past but the training was better. This upcoming year I hope to increase the 9th floor showers back to 3 days a week (vs previous 5). After a 2 week holiday I do get the luxury of creating a new schedule.

All in all my last 8 hour race was amazing and I was able to keep my head straight and land in 3rd place which is my best Solo SS finish yet. I also was able to finish 3rd in my last CX masters race of the year even with a ridiculous slow start and a silly bail.

I guess the point of this post is kind of cliche, but my NY Resolution is to push myself to get back into race shape. Hoping that I can ride as fast/faster in "race shape" than i can in pear shape...

All for now, I'm out.... 

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