Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turn that damn thing off!!!

Have you ever ridden with a helmet cam? Do you think about it on the ride or just kind of forget it is there? Sometimes even walk around the house/office/etc with it running even after the ride?
Well anyway that's where this picture comes from. Got home from my ride yesterday afternoon and my wife was in the washroom but wanted to tell me something and opened the door. Not sure what she wanted to tell me because as soon as she saw the red light flashing on the helmet cam she screamed "Turn that damn thing off!!" and there was some fumbling and it was off.

A little work with avidemux and the gimp and I snagged this photo and covered up what needed to be covered. Good times!! Anyway it was a successful and fun #30daysofbiking ride yesterday and I have completed one of my rides for today, I will be heading out for a lunch ride immanently so I am cutting this off here...
I'm out...

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