Friday, April 20, 2012

The KOM that didn't happen...

I signed up for STRAVA yesterday and input both of my rides on my CX toy. I played with the segments tool and created 2 segments out of one of my morning commutes and one out of my lunch commute. There is a decent amount of bike traffic along the route so I figured there could be other users. who rode there. I was amazed that my opening 2km climb was being done in over 1 minute faster than I usually do it. I thought about this all day yesterday. I must beat it. I must get faster.

This morning I got up and decided I would beat it. I was not feeling overly energetic or anything I just wanted to beat the KOM. What have I gotten myself into here?? I have always tried to beat my personal best but now I will be battling myself and others?? Anyways I gave a valiant effort and rode the climb much better than I ever do but still missed by 10 seconds... I will earn this KOM, I just hope no-one else posts a even harder target before I do...

I'm out...


  1. Do I have to ride there and beat it on you??

  2. sure, if you want I can give you all the same handicaps ;-P


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