Thursday, April 26, 2012

I need your help please!! (Photo Contest)

My wife has entered a photo of my 10 year old daughter when she was 5 in a Facebook Photo contest. The other girl is 1/2 owner of the gym as well as a coach for Team Canada Cheerleading showing interest in the future of the sport. The contest is being run by Cheer Sport Sharks cheerleading gym in Cambridge Ontario. The prize is a basket of LoloBo Cheer Bows (the bows these girls wear in their hair for practices and competitions) They are blingy pretty things that she just loves. When it comes down to it the contest now has two leaders that are having a fun little social media "battle" to see who can win. I think it is our competitive nature that is the actual drive for and the bows will be a fun extra to make my daughter smile. Anyway we can use your help and anyone else's help you can send over here or directly to the photo to like it. We are currently in 1st place but only by about 5 likes.

The contest ends May 1st and I will then leave you all alone ;-P

Please click on the photo and it will take you to the actual Facebook photo where I hope you will help us out and add a like.

And to keep this semi cyclingish here is a video from todays lunch ride... Thanks again!! I'm out...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks again! Contest over! She won. I will not be Spamming you with something like this for quite some time! Thanks



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