Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Answers --- to LovingTheRun post....

  1. My back is sore when I wake up in the morning. -- (ended around 36)
  2. I’m starting to see wrinkles around my eyes. -- (I look smarter now, and or age has made me look more sophisticated)
  3. The strands of gray I see remind me to make an appointment at the hair salon. -- (If I wear a hat they cant tell I'm balding)
  4. My friends are getting Botox (and I’m intrigued?). -- (My lines are my lines, there are storries behind each)
  5. My mom and grandmother are aging (which means I will too). -- (yup we will all age and pay taxes...)
  6. I should have started running in my early 20s. -- (meh, you are enjoying it now, why look back?!?)
  7. I should have started using eye cream in my early 20s. -- (bah - see #2)
  8. No matter how tempted, I should never set foot in a Forever 21 clothing store. -- (I enjoy shopping in the kids section -- tax free)
  9. I hate the fact that many of the American Idol contestants are half my age. -- (American What?!? Much better entertainment available...)
  10. I often look in the mirror and see my mother staring back. -- (Every time I see my father I pull out the razor and reshape my facial hair)
  11. I often look in the mirror and see an outfit that only a ‘mom-in-her-30s’ would wear…and I still think it looks good. -- ( I look good, better than many boys in their 20's)
  12. You don’t have to wear a string bikini to look good in the summer. Those hip hugger briefs work really well on “I-gave-birth-to-two-children” hips. -- ( Good on ya!!! There is no answer us guys can give to this)
  13. The number of hours I need to sleep at night has increased since turning 30. -- ( Iam still not a sleeper)
  14. It’s still sometimes a shock to realize I am in the [30-39] bracket on most documents. ( I will be in the 40+ section so so soon...)
  15. Being at the young end of that age bracket is of benefit when racing against women in their late 30s. -- (Look again... Late 30's kick butt... and when moving into the 40's cat it only gets faster/harder)
  16. In my 20s, I thought I had all the answers. In my 30s, I know I have all the answers…and I’m not afraid to tell you. :) -- (I know I know less while I know more... Less to prove)
  17. I should have started an IRA in my early 20s. -- (N/A)
  18. I don’t mind going out on a Friday night…as long as I’m home and in bed by 10pm. -- (Bah!!)
  19. I have friends who were BORN in the mid-to-late 80s. (They even have a book…George Orwell’s ‘1984’). -- (I call those people young)
  20. In my 20s, I threw everything away, ate a lot of fast food and left the water on as I brushed my teeth. In my 30s, I recycle, eat organic and am very conscious of my water usage. -- (Organic = of the earth... please find me something that does not fit in this category on the earth)

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  1. I love this, Mike! Aging simply is what it is....not necessarily good or bad. And as long as we keep running (or riding a single speed), I'm not worried about the fact I didn't use eye cream until I hit my late 20s. :)


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