Monday, July 11, 2016

Get Pie with a little help for your friends!!

Saturday was so much fun! I picked up a FB comment a few days back from Steve S regarding a 200KM ride. I had never done anything of this distance before! We went out and rode point to point 50-70K at a time to stop for Pie and other goodies (ride was nicknamed the Pie-Athlon by coordinator Steve). The company was stellar and the riding was amazing. 

I loved the rain when it came but that didn't seem to be the thoughts of the group. Had it been hot and dry I would likely have been crumbled on the side of the road like the crust of the French Rhubarb Pie. What a great group of riders also including a long time friend Riot...

Anyways after this long without posting I should cut this short..

For now I'm out... 

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