Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter WOW post race recap... A little late...

An amazing fall day. Last year we raced in 4-5 inches of fresh snow. This year sun and a high of 10. Trails were in amazing shape for the most part. Approximately 25 of the 40KM has all the leafs blown off them by the organizers prior to the race (great job guys!!). Started off a little cool but not uncomfortable. Unfortunately I only have thin and thick gloves. A nice intermediate thickness would have been nice. Stayed over at the in-laws the night before and ate drank and was merry. Woke up the next morning to a great breakfast too. All in all I was ready to ride.

Arrived at the event about 5 minutes after leaving the in-laws at 9am to get all the last minute things done before the race horn. Signed my waiver had some Hammer Gel and Heed. Installed my front tire and race plate talked to a couple guys and then heard they were herding riders to the start. Prepped and ready for a great day. We all lined up and looked at each others bikes, I was having some serious cools Singlespeed envy as there were some really nice toys about.

The horn went off and we were out of the gates. A herd of riders at least 30 wide heading for the first bend and into doubletrack... squeeze. Along one strait away people jostled for position and then up Oxygen Debt, a 4 staged climb aptly named as there appears to be no oxygen to be had at the top. Early climbs are always a bit of a pain on the singlespeed as it is hard to climb slowly behind a geared rider in granny gear.

Off we ride from there and about 2 minutes later I welcome my lungs back after getting passed by too much of the pack. I decide it is time to fix that a bit and start hammering. Bit by bit I made my way back up the field. The ride went on with lots of amazing singletrack some of witch seemed as if it had been cut only that week. Got in the zone and just kept riding and advancing my pace, using the short stretches of doubletrack to edge my way around other riders while others were also to able to edge me out.

Coming down the finish there was one more staged climb called the stairway to hell that puts you back in the huff and puff zone. I was able to edge one more rider out on that climb and then off for the finish line. Took a corner wide and was ejected from my bike with a angled tree crash... oopse. Looked up and saw my bike falling at me in slow motion. then back on and across the final length of doubletrack for the home stretch.

The finish was dusted with a few riders so I knew I had done quite well (for me). Hung out for a couple mins then went to the van to get into some jeans grab a Beer and wait around for a couple guys then off to the Chilli and Brownies feed that comes standard with his race. All in all it was an amazing race as it has been the past 2 years also. It will continue to be one of my favorite cycle events of the year.

I took 25th place out of 126 riders and 7th out of 11 Singlespeeders. Very happy with my results. I will continue to train and maybe i can do even better next year.

Enough rambling... I'm out...

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