Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter pedals??

With the winter weather I have been trying to decide if I have chosen the right pedals. I started to wonder yesterday when I was riding in with my beat up old shimano spds and was a little stiff clipping in and out.
Today there was a little more snow on the ground and I had forgotten my cycling shoes at work yesterday thus being stuck riding in street shoes. I was amazingly comfortable slowing and stopping the winter fixed gear with no clipping or strapping mechanism engaged.
 I have a basic pair of flat pedals and toe straps. I was thinking for winter maybe switching out to flats is my best option just as a quick way of ditching the bike if needed for any reason. I am wondering what kind of pedals other riders use for winter riding? Am I just over-thinking again?
Thats all for now... Please post a comment if relevant. Thanks


  1. Two words: POWER GRIPS.

    Seriously, they are the best. Easy to get in and out of. You can ride easily even if you decide not to stick your feet into them. They can be adjusted to work with even the thickest boots. I really love them, in all weather, but in winter I think they are great.

  2. I've just been using the stock flat pedals this winter for the same reason you're thinking about going with them. I could see myself suddenly forgetting how to disengage from anything else in a tricky situation like sliding on ice.

  3. Thanks guys, I was looking at power grips on Jenson the other day. I may have to order some, For tomorrow I am going to try out the flats. Never used before but came on a bike I bought quite a few years back...

  4. oops, never used these flats before, I have used flats in the past... :)

  5. I just switched over to a pair of clipless pedals by ritchey that are super bare-bones and shed mud, snow, and ice like crazy when compared with my Shimano.

    Otherwise, maybe go with some eggbeaters.


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