Monday, March 3, 2014

The Cheer Face, And why it is Amazing!!

Michael Jordan is known for his tongue hanging out of his mouth while being at the top of his game.

Facial expressions are an amazing part of Sport!

Olympic Skaters make crazy awesome faces while doing amazing things that are difficult and sometimes painful.

This happens in way too many sports to mention here.

                                                           The Cheer Face
                                 (My Daughter is my Favourite Cheerleader!!!)

An expression created by blocking pain when one of their best friends just made their shoulder feel more pain than she can remember but she strives on. An expression made when they finaly hit that stunt that they couldn't come close to in practice. An expression made when they feel that close to completing a perfect run. An expression made when they are so nervous that a fake smile wont cut it.

The Judges have seen this 10,000+ times. This sport is about pushing yourself further than your body is capable of. On competition days these incredible athletes hit the floor and it just works. I encourage these amazing Athletes to leave it all on the floor, and Show Their Cheer Faces!!!

If everything they are feeling can be channeled into a Happy Cheer Face I think that is just Amazing!!
But I am just one Dad.

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