Thursday, October 8, 2009

Foooood and Fun!!

What an amazing day out there today. Ride in to work was brisk. Just love riding on fall mornings. All day at work I was starving for some reason. Ate my lunch then down to the cafe for a tuna wrap with all the fixins, and dill pickles on the side. Then off for a great lunch hour 11K loop including portions of Kitchener's Skills park and some leaf covered rooty singletrack and doubletrack.

Minor mechanical issues plagued my ride as my left cleat ketp coming loose during climbs. Time to tighten up the pedals or replace the cleats. No need to get all pissy and wreck the ride tho enjoyed 3 runs down the 4X and climbed the Freeride course (I'm sure the kids woulda been shaking their heads if they had seen me). Was feeling a little more comfortable on the 4X today and was starting to gap some of the tabletops. On my old Nishiki XC rigid toy. I could use a Nummers for this kind of riding but the climbing might just hurt more. Anyways the ride closed out great with a hammerfest on the way back to work with a nasty headwind.

Then the afternoon was a blur. Still starving I ploughed thru the end of the work day happy to have a 4 day weekend in front of me. Then home to satisfy my hunger. I will give the world a piece of my strangeness in the form of the random items recipe I cooked myself for dinner. Made my little guy chick quasidillia's as per his request. I decided to grab a deep pan and start adding items for myself. Tonight I went with Broccoli, Carrots, half a Vidalia Onion, a Zucchini cut up to emulate fetuchine, Ragu sauce, Chinese hot sauce, Worcester sauce, and Yellow mustard. Bring concoction to boil and then simmer until desired tenderness. All in all it tasted awesome with a nice bite.

More to come in the next couple days. Need to replace Grips, Chain, and Bottom Bracket on the Nishiki before November so will write about that job whenever I stop procrastinating. Soon I will end up out on lunch or my commute with another busted chain if I keep this up.

Til next time. I'm out...

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