Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And a new season is upon us

Sunday night was the start of this years hockey season for me. Or should I say the ultimate test of this years cardio training. And it was a success. Although I felt extremely overheated. probably due to all the equipment. Anyways it was a fun time and within a couple weeks I should have my skating leggs back. Mondays 5K run seemed to go on forever after hockey though.

And Monday of last week I began training again for my last race of the year. The winter WOW. I have raced it the past 2 years and it has been a blast both times. Last year it came with a blast of snow that slowed us all down and made us all appreciate the post-race chili feed. It is a 40K single loop threw Mansfield outdoor center and Dufferin Forest trails. It is held by the they put on a great event and then afterwards we all sit down for Chili and Brownies in the Mansfield lodge. After a hard race we bitch about the cold and snow and talk about how excited we are to do it all again next year. Still waiting for the details this year as no update is posted on their site yet. Race set to go on November 22.

Cant wait!!

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