Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eating for an Endurance Event

I have read many, maybe too many articles on fueling the body for a race or Epic adventure. I have put together my basics over time and they seemed to keep me in good shape through the 6 hour this past weekend.

I start my altered eating plan 2 days prior to an event. I like to have Liver and onions for dinner this night to increase Iron, and vitamins. The day before the race I try to get some Cod Liver from the local European market ever since my Father in law gave it to me one night before a race and I did well. And for evening the night before the race I have Liver and onions with spaghetti and Tomato sauce fried in the pan also. Covers the Iron, Vitamins, and Additional Carbs needed for the race.

These things I figure are all just done to get inside my head and make me feel prepared. May not actually do anything on the day of the race but they make me feel prepared. I think convincing myself I am ready is half the battle.

On the day of the race I like to start my day out with a heavy breakfast consisting of cereal, fruit, and yogurt. Just get enough easily absorbed calories into myself before I switch to a race diet just prior to the event.

30 minuites before start I like to have a piece of fruit and some Hammer Gel. As the event progress's I fuel myself between laps with Hammer Heed, Hammer Gel, My Mother In-Laws peanut butter granola bars (My wife makes these now), and fruit. This past weekend I was stopping every 2-3 laps and having half a bar, a shot of gel, some fruit and washing it down with heed. I drink water alone on the course.

This mixture of foods seems to keep me going well without feeling hunger and without bonking.

Maybe this post will add to some other guy like me who likes to mix all the things he hears into his training/eating regime.

Thats all I have to say about that....


  1. I dont know whether you have it in america but when im out cycling, even on short rides i take something called c-vit with me. Its basically a kids squash type drink, the ones you dilute with water; the idea is it has lots of vitamins and minerals for kids which are perfect for sports! Stuff like B vitamins, its got no sugar in it and i dont think it has aspartame if you dont like that. Its got very little sugar so i've started adding a teaspoon of sugar and a little tiny bit of salt aswell. To tell you the truth it tastes quite nice without either of them as its meant to be a blackcurrant flavour. Its also much much much cheaper than any "sports" drink although i do like lucozade :)

  2. I will look for it in a couple of the euro shops near my place. Sounds kinda good. Thanks..

  3. Im sure you can find an equivalent drink anywhere in the world :)


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