Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A great lunch hour ride in the country - from the city edge...

Well, after a long weekend of sloth... Or at least working in the backyard instead of training... I decided to work from home so that it would make it easier on the wife and kids for first day of school runaround. Well that means no ride to work or home. I decided I needed at very least a decent lunch hour ride. I do have a 6 hour solo mtb race on Saturday and all.. My first solo race.

Well I have started this post all over the place, lets hone in on the ride. It was amazing. Started out on an epic climb and then into the country roads around my place. There were 5 nice climbs and only 2 stop signs and 2 stop lights. 20KM loop of fun.

I took out the fixie as the mtb is at the office right now. Perfect tool for th job. Of course the plans to modify the fixie kept swirling thru my head. Here goes... Winter hits I tear this toy down to its smallest pieces... Remove all unnececary braze-ons. Take it to a place in town and have it media balsted and powder coated... Remove bar tape... polish all chrome... Rebuild brakeless, or new mini front brake lever (Undecided)... Install new grips, not tape... Post new pix... Have fun riding shiny new toy next year..

Yup, thats how the ride went too... Mind completely drifted off and ride was bliss... Until next time, I'm out!!

I think I was going to talk about trees and corn and stuff in the fields and lack of congestion on the streets... Maybe next time...


  1. i would say keep the front brake!

    You never know when some idiot driver is going to do a "didnt see you there mate" pulling out manouver. Im planning to remove my rear brake once i get skid stopping down.

    Clicked a few of the links on the side so you can get a few cents advertising ;)

  2. Hmm wrong name there! If it still hasnt changed its yesiamtom form Singlespeed.net

  3. Thnx, and thanks for your input. I do like the clean lines of brakeless but being a family man I think I agree with you on safety!!


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