Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I read a book called Newton by Rory Tyger to my kids regularly as a bedtime story. It features a bear who gets scared of noises specifically CREAK, CREAK, CRE-E-AK!!! I have often wondered if this book would lead them to being scared of such noises. Over time I have realized that it is me who has become scared of the CREAK, CREAK, CRE-E-AK!!!

During my first lap of Hot August Nights I heard the noise, only once when pushing over the top of a hill. I was nervous of it and tried to reproduce the sound back at camp. Nothing so I put it away as a one time odd noise. As mentioned in my 6 Hour Blog entry the creak came back and all in all ended up being my first ever broken chain. I put in a quick link and all was well. I noted to self that now is the time to replace my chain and since I am running Singlespeed and there is play in my 18 year old bottom bracket I might as well replace that while I am at it.

I am a professional-crastinator so I have not yet got around to this 2 weeks later and continue to ride the bike. I was beginning to think I could just forget the repair and ride the way I have been when my lunch hour ride today back came CREAK, CREAK, CRE-E-AK!!! I guess it is time to kick my own butt and go out and get a chain and bottom bracket before the inevitable.
Other than the nightmare the lunch hour ride was a nice mix of doubletrack, singletrack, climbs and descents that stretched out to 11K today. I felt refreshed afterwards and felt it time to release my words...

Well that's todays fun...


  1. Wait you dont enjoy getting your hands covered in chain grease?

    I had a fight with a stupid quick connector last night trying to get my new fixie chain on.

    Give me a proper bloody rivet pin thing please!

  2. Ya, grease everywhere is super fun :) But do i buy a chain or a handful of Quicklinks and keep doing a patch-fix??

  3. buy a chain! i bought a £5.99 chain the other day (10 dollars?) and its fantastic. It was a BMX chain for my fixed gear.

    *grumbles about quicklinks which work on customers bikes but not his own*


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