Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh to have a cycling blog!!!

The uninteresting and mundane life of an avid singlespeed cyclist. Really I am kind of a cop-out... I have 3 bikes with three distinct gear ratios... One Singlespeed MTB at 34/16, one Fixed/Singlespeed roadie at 50/16, and one Fixed MTB at 44/14... So every time I go to the garage I am really choosing a speed/gear ratio and therefore not true singlespeed??? Back to me and my abnormality I call cycling. I talk to many with cool and interesting singlespeed and fixie toys. Mee I have an 18 year old Nishiki Apache for my MTB... That is the newest bike I currently own... My road bike is a single/fixed Sears dept store from early 1980's and the fixed MTB is an old $4 garage sale peugeot convert. I just like to ride and do so with minimal investment. Other than the costs I seem to pour into the Nishiki to keep it race ready! Well am I rambling enough for an introductory note? I think I need to go cut the lawn, then maybe I will go for a ride.... I'm out...

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  1. Holy crap, egggman. Have you read your first blog lately. Brilliant. I'm reading first blog posts of some of my favorites. Love the post. Glad we connected on twitter.


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