Sunday, February 28, 2010

Minor progress on Draft

Today while waiting for my wife and daughter to get home from Cheerleading and while my 3 year old son plays Lego Starwars on the Wii I decided to make some minor mods on the new toy.

As a first tweak I added toe straps to the pedals that I had kicking around the house. Then I flipped over the headset to drop the bars a bit. Also removed the rear brake and flipped front break to right hand side and re-centered the brake as it was off. Also with the grips off I made plans for the cut down. Probably pickup a pipe cutter tomorrow for that job.

Gotta head out and pickup my 14T track cog. Put the grips back on shortened bars and be ready for a weather change for her maiden ride.

Take a look at the length of those bars...

Likely there will be further changes down the line. Such as a new Crank, SPD pedals, a new bar drop or riser still undecided. Potentially drop the front brake at some point... Who knows...

That's it for now. What a great hockey game today eh!!!! I'm out...

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