Monday, March 1, 2010

Almost there...

Well, I know these are pretty much the same pix as last time but the bike is finally starting to look like mine instead of the box bike.

I cut down the bars with the pipe cutter (remarkably easy job I have never done prior). Put the SE grips back on. So maybe it doesn't have too much me in it yet.

I also removed the decals, except for the Beer Stein one which I just kinda like. Not sure what I will be doing to personalize it from here. Maybe custom decals or just a modified color scheme.

Last requirement is the 14T track cog and then I hit the streets. Almost think it is better if I don't get that for a couple weeks as that will keep my from stealing a salty ride. I will continue riding my "Winter Fixie" for now. Amazing how the old bike has a new name now.

Well that's it for now, sorry for boring you all (assuming anyone reads this thing). I'm out...

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