Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too busy riding to post...

Well Spring is here with some great early spring riding conditions. I have been putting in great 27km days for approx 3 weeks now on the new 2008 SE Draft and it is just feeling great. Still some upgrades to come but even the drawbacks that I have read about on forums don't seem to be bothering me. There are some low end components on there but it seems like a nice fast rig with my 42/13 fixie gearing. Was a great budget birthday present to myself. I had been riding an old 20+ years old department store convert fixie last year.

I went by my buddy's shop the other day and found out that my plans to buy a Kona Explosif this year were shot as they did not make enough to keep up with this years demand. Looks like I will be trying my hand at a 29er this year. ordered up a Kona Unit which looks to be a fun toy. I have been back and forth between Kona and Misfit Psycles but could not come up with the coin to build the Dissent FE that I was interested in. This promises to be a fun year in cycling upgrading both of my bikes from 18-20something year old toys to somewhat more modern toys. Will try to keep you posted.

I am beginning to feel the winter coat fall off as I train for this years races altho I have been enjoying the spring Beers. I am a commuter/weekend warrior who loves to enter as many fun races per year as I can fit in while still enjoying family time and other things that life brings. First scheduled race is April 25th. New bike should arrive a week or two before that so it could be interesting trying 29 inch wheels in the race before I get her out for any trail time.

Ah, well this is the fun of it all.. I'm out...

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