Monday, May 17, 2010

Epic 8 hour weekend

While the weekend obviously took up more than 8.5 hours the focus of the weekend was the race. Well done always a fun time at your events. Paul and I have been doing this event tag team for 5 years now and it is always a great time. Last year while posting our best times up to that point it was a little disheartening to drop from the 17th place the 2 prior years to 20th place last year.

This year made up for that plus some. We were very pleased with our 7th place finish in the Tag team under 70 category. We both posted times we had never seen before and kept up good numbers through the whole race. I was happy we were able to force an extra lap more than last year! Great job Paul. He may have been pleased to come enjoy a beer after my lap but put out a great effort to complete the lap with time to spare.

Apparently the bike and I shared a special time before the race altho I have no idea what I was thinking or doing just prior. This pic paints a funny picture. My wife says "You were thinking of me" why would I ever try to undo that thought ;)

My bike was feeling better than ever with a couple modifications to the cockpit and dropping the bashguard.

The actual 8 hour period was rather cool, some clouds kept us from the nice tan usually acquired during this event. At least twice I came out of the cycling zone and thought it could warm up a bit...

The race was amazing right from the start. First lap I tailed a solo who was riding amazingly. I cought up with him on my fifth lap and he was keeping close pace to us as a tag team WOW.

As the laps kept going by I
started to run into the owner of Joyride150 on the opening climb every lap. He was likly cursing the tag team who could not quite keep his pace. Amazing athlete.

Race ran out after plenty of great conversations on course and in the pits with us pulling 14 laps split equally. Still happy about 7th place finish. Raceday Rush took some great pix as did Paul's girlfriend.

I seem to still be recovering as I cant eat enough food 2 days afterwards. The price one must pay to have 8 hours of fun...

Oh and I almost forgot great art work at the race! I wish I could convince my wife to decorate the cottage with all artistic furniture...

I'm out...

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