Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fitted and brought home, now I ride??

Well took off a chunk of work on Friday and went back to the hometown to pickup my new bike. What will I talk about here now that I have made my 26/29 decision and actually have a new toy. Maybe back to ride reports and fun stuff like that?

Brad got me all sized up and was able to get the Rotor-Q-Ring on there before pickup. I also swapped out the stock Maxis Ignitor tires with Geax Saguaro's as I have been liking them on my 26er, and chose not to bother with the stock pedals and went with my PD M540's. Only thing I have not got on there yet for the basic setup is my already ordered Profile Design Stubby bar ends. I did install a Sigma 960 computer on there for training even tho it took away from the clean look a bit. eh well ;)

This is going to be a fun project bike for quite some time. I just can't wait to get it out on the trails. Not looking good for this weekend but will be doing some rolling Monday I'm sure. Well this post was really just a bunch of blither to get some pix up here so I can stop there... I'm out...

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