Friday, August 6, 2010

Taking it in

Although today was a bit of a fail in a couple ways the lunch hour ride was amazing. First, why a fail? All day meeting ran for about 45 minutes (Meeting Fail!!), second my originally planned 4 days of 5km running on lunch turned into 3 days of 5km running and 1 day of 15km riding (Running Motivation Fail!!).

Today's ride was along a familiar route. I have ridden this route regularly for the past 2 years. It is a nice 15km starting and ending at the steps of the hospital that employs me. Even though this ride was the same it was somehow different. I rode hard and pushed myself to do better (Same), but I noticed things, lots of things (Different).

I noticed lots of people on their bikes, Kids on their BMX's pedaling along and talking. People in work cloths commuting. People with large packs secured to themselves and bikes obviously on an adventure of some kind. Cyclists on trails, roads, sidewalks. People with helmets and people without. The cycling culture in the city is obviously growing, or I am just finally opening my eyes.

I also noticed other things, vehicles, pedestrians, road workers and summer patio dwellers. I may have to partake in the patio part at some point also. In the summer the city is alive especially late in the week over the lunch hour I assume.

Why are my eyes open? Why am I finally noticing my surroundings? Why am I taking it in? Watch here as well as @bikerly and @lovingthebike for more info coming in the next little while.

Perhaps I should have ridden with a camera. I'm out...

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  1. That's right....all will be revealed in due time. Hahahaha.

    Nice post, my man. It's amazing the improved perspective you obtain while on a bike, isn't it? I get the same feeling all the time.

    Good stuff and I look forward to working with you on @bikerly 's secret evil plan.



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