Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesome Slow Snow Commute

Todays started just amazing.Woke up to a lighter room than yesterday no rain. Looked out at a world of white. My wife was slightly worried about me riding in the rain that turned to freezing-rain and then into snow. It was going to be slick. I was excited but masked it and said i would take it easy and be safe. I did in fact plan to do so. I ate breakfast got ready and was off...

It was amazing passing by all the traffic even the stuck bus trucks and snowplows. Too bad I did not clear the lens one more time. I got to the office and let my wike know I was safe. My adrenaline was still running after my shower. I kinda want to leave and go ride in that some more.

Happy Friday people, enjoy your day... I'm out...

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