Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Run where the deer run...

Had a fun run in the woods as is shown below. The night before I was standing 8 feet from 2 deer and we were staring at each other. My dunce pug was there too and did not even notice the deer. It was the dog jumping that finally scared those interesting large creatures back into the woods.

Part way through the next day I decided to take a run back into the woods. While running I saw the deer once and heard them another time. Unfortunately I did not get them on film. I searched frame by frame through the section it should have been in. Apparently I turned my eyes instead of my head. eh-well. It was a fun run but then I ran out of deer tracks to run in and sank past my knees. I probably should not have ran in the only jeans I had with me but who thinks of that when they head into the woods.

Anyway fun run in deep melting snow provided me with wet boots, socks, and jeans. What else could one ask for?? I'm out....

Oh and the great soundtrack is from @deaddisko Vanessa Wilde!!

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  1. hey man, you have the most fun with that gopro. I seriously need to get one I think. Good luck on the marathon.


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