Friday, July 29, 2011

Over The Bars

You know the feeling. Helplessness, Impending doom, questionable amounts of pain are coming to you soon. In the next elongated seconds you will question your mistake, come to terms with pain, Attempt to avoid something, excrete adrenaline into your bloodstream, maybe even experience clarity. This whole experience will take only seconds, it will likely make you think of unpleasant thoughts, anger, fear, etc. These few seconds will likely be the most memorable seconds of your ride. When you complete you will say something to the tune of "awesome ride", "amazing day on the bike", etc... Followed quickly by "did you see that bail?!?" or "oh man, you missed my OTB!!".

The question now being is an over the bars something we secretly hope for on a ride or something we fear?!? Maybe both, maybe neither...

Enough with the deep thoughts after my OTB from last nights race...

I'm out...

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