Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Perfectly Imperfect Run...

One of those days, wake up to a rainy ride to the office. Co-workers on holidays and off sick. Increased workload, and stress. Decreased motivation to work, or do anything else for that matter. Lunch time gives you the option to just close the door and melt into your chair, or do like I did today and counter attack the dulldrums with a run or ride.

None of my usual loops sounded fun today (This I am sure has everything to do with the first paragraph). So I went to Dailymile route's and started clicking. I made a new route (out and back along the Iron Horse Trail in Kitchener). Grabbed my GPS (Blackberry with Endomondo installed) and off I went.
This is where the imperfect starts. Apparently endomondo failed to launch and in effect completely deleted itself from the Blackberry. I decided rather than troubleshoot I would just leave it behind. Another glance out the window shows that indeed the road is mostly dry and the rain has cleared out. Once I started running however the rain began again (not enough to bother me just enough to tell me it was raining).

When I run sometimes I fade away to another place. The mind drifts and I am just taken. This was the case today, I had drifted so much that I missed my first turn (The entrance to the trail from Queen Street). Once I realized this I decided to do a little loop through Victoria Park and back to the office. Once I had completed a portion of the loop I decided this was to be too short of a run and took a different turn than I had ever taken in the park and after the path went from paved, to gravel, to singletrack it eventually landed me at the Victoria street entrance to the Ironhorse Trail. I had eventually ended up where I wanted to be. I completed the rest of my planned run and took in some great scenery and then back to the office. This afternoon is truly looking up...

Back to work, I'm out...

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