Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Am I an Oxy-Moron?? :)

Ok, I currently ride the 26er with gearing set at 34x16, and the Fixie at 42x13. I have been contemplating where to setup the new Kona 29er for her maiden voyage. Depending on how things work out this may also be my first race of the season (well probably the pre-ride). I am currently leaning towards 34x18. I was looking at running 32x16 or 32x17. Wow the gear choices on a Single-speed... I think I will likely end up riding 34x17 for everyday riding but think that 34x18 will put me in a good place for a Mansfield race. the reason I battle with this decision is that I always feel that I get a little jump on people by pushing the steeper gear. Of course there are the people out there well in front of me too :). I find 34x16x26 or a Gear inch of 55.3 extremely comfortable. I don't really have any time to test the new combination of 34x17x29 or 32x16x29 both are a Gear inch of 58.0. I am not sure if it is better to take the leap or move down to 34x18x29 or a Gear inch of 54.8. I am probably stewing over nothing. I already have a great 34T chainring I can transfer to the bike. The final option giving almost the same result is to keep the stock chainring and run 32x17x29 or a Gear inch of 54.6. All in all it will be a fun race. I will be somewhere mid pack anyway so why do I do this to myself? Ah all in the fun of the game I guess. That is all for now... I'm out...

Edit: After a quick read from Sheldon Brown's pages I was able to find out that I am fighting with .2 or .3 kmph if I were pedaling at 90rpm. I think I will go with 34x18x29 or 32x17x29 for the first race. Depends whether I feel like pulling a cog or a chainring that day ;)

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