Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fixed again...

While I continue to wait for my new 29er to show up I will have fun on my fixie. Had a great ride in this am and a nice Lunch hour loop. Only issues is that it seems like Grandad's walk to school held true today. No matter which way I turned there was a headwind. On the lunch hour loop I did end up finding a bit of a tailwind which pushed me the remainder of the way back to the office.

People ask why I have this addiction to Bicycles now I think I just need to tell them to hop on one and see if it catches. Maybe it is an illness and not an addiction. maybe both.

I'm out...


  1. Illness AND addiction, depending on the day. Congrats on getting the new 29er--what is it?

  2. Thanks, A new Kona Unit. Still waiting on it, can't wait for delivery. ordered a 33T Rotor Q Ring for it yesterday and some stubby bar ends too.

  3. Cool. Merry Christmas late--or early!


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