Friday, October 1, 2010

Beating a mental block #bikeschool

Today I am writing about a problem that plagues most of us in cycling and elsewhere in life. I got my inspiration for this entry from 2 things. One was a text from my wife the other day asking if my daughter needed a tumbling lesson from a guy who specializes in mental blocks. The other was from yesterdays lunch ride when we decided to take a camera along and mess around at the local bike park.

Paul (pictured above) and I were out riding the 4X, some dirt jumps, skinies and I was riding the Teeter totter. Paul mentioned "One day I have to do the teeter totter, but not today.". I gave him a little push and told him he could do it and we could get pictures. This mental block had been with paul since 2 years ago when he first tried the totter and could not let himself ride past the hinge.

He gave it a try and the first time speed checked a bit much but pushed over none the less. After that he did it one more time smoothly and he was shaking. It is amazing when we can beat the mental blocks we put out in front of us. Now I just home my daughter can get her back handspring...

All for now I'm out.

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