Saturday, October 9, 2010

A cottage tribute to @bikerly

#seenonmybike .....

After wearing the family out on an amazing 10K hike through the Canadian shield I decided to take a ride while they gathered their energy... I decided to snap a bunch of @bikerly style #seenonmybike shots while I was out. Here is what happened. I will clean up and edit the post once back to civilization....

Next post, a few great shots from the family hike. We will be going back!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Looks like another great weekend for you. Hey, that Nishiki brings back one point in my life, that is what I was riding.


  2. Love the Nishiki General Store! I'll have another (Muskoka) please...

  3. The Nishiki was my main ride last year and is now super fun to blast around on up at the cottage!! Oh and I have a nice Muskoka for later today...


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