Monday, October 25, 2010

grrrrrrowl it's Monday

Woke up slow peeled myself out of bed grabbed the usual Bran Flakes which seemed extra dull this morning. Slowly got my lunch made woke the kids and stuck a hand out the door to check weather. Rain had stopped and it felt rather warm. Check weathenetwork and it is 10 degrees Celsius. The day is turning up.

Had an amazing ride in on the fixed gear with slightly worn out legs from hockey last night. Starting to wake up and get in the groove. Get to the office shower etc... Grab the helpdesk as we are short staffed at work this morning due to late starts and then...

So the day that turned around had turned around again. I fired off a bunch of tweets and then decided I needed to think about something different so I could get my head back in the day. I decided to see how Yehuda Moon had been doing since I last read. Appears he had a great weekend... I know what you are thinking now... Wow you are an amazing comic artist and why don't you have a daily comic like this...

Well whatever :) ... I'm out

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