Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The challenge...

A very open ended challenge was sent hither last evening post sleepytime. A cohort of mine decided to put it out there...

We must each use our sketching technique to render an image on ourn blogs on Thursday. I assume the man the myth the #bikeschool legend will use a Sharpie for his sketch. I in turn chose The Gimp. My image is ready and waiting on my hard-drive for a Thursday posting. Return then to find my entry in this non-lucrative contest of contests.

Ever so sneakily my competitor has chosen a fellow Sharpie fan as his judge. She however is beginning to tremble at the thought she may have to choose mine draw-ring as grand champignon (Thats right the big mushroom).

The purpose of this post is to call to order a team of zero or more nother judge types to further scrutinize the images. If you feel the urge to throw a vote of better image creativeness n' such then check our blogs's Thursday and toss a comment of "1 Vote" into comments for the blog of your choice.

I will create a Dunce-Cap Image for the Twavatar of the least winningest of winner to wear to #bikeschool....

I'm out...


  1. Oh man....who do I side with on this one? My two #bikeschool counterparts....I already know I'm going to have to declare a tie.

    I can't wait to see them.


  2. Nah, it's ok Darryl. You can just vote for the image you like better. I wont be hurt if you like Jim's. That is what art is about. I am pretty sure this little wager is all in fun too :)

  3. I am crushing you with my Sharpie

  4. My "Sketch-A-Doodle" is so grand that even you will vote for it Jim!!


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