Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is #bikeschool - or I was bored

I have been playing with the gimp again. More since #TheChallenge. This is my latest fun little piece symbolizing the spirit of #bikeschool. Unfortunately #bikeschool is on holidays this week but will return December 2 for another fun filled hour 9pm EST.
 I am never happy with a self portrait but this one will do for now. Feel free to mock etc...
Uh, oh... How did that get there, it looks like an evol elf as broken into @santabikes bag and leaked a piece of #secretevolplanC


  1. I'm officially nominating Egggman as Artist of the're awesome.


  2. bikerly looks jaundiced.

    PS I do think Darryl looks like Lance.

  3. I think he tried to ride and drink with egggman and felt a little off in the morning... Not true jaundice...

    Just sayin'


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